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Small Tube Fabricators
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Small Tube Fabricators

Four Slide Products is a recognized leader among small tube fabricators. We have more than 25 years of experience fabricating small tubular parts for the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Energy/Nuclear, HVAC, and Medical industries.

Our unique shear cutting method eliminates waste and reduces material costs, whether you need custom hypodermic tubing, cannulas, breathers, or any other type of small diameter tubes.

We cut tubing as short as 0.010″, up to 18″, with tolerances to ± 0.001″, with little OD/ID distortion.

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Custom Tube Fabrication

Four Slide Products fabricates custom tubular parts from 0.015″ to 0.625″ tubing made from all workable alloys, including stainless steel hypodermic tubing in gauges 3 to 25. Lengths range from 0.010″ to 18″ or longer, with tolerances to ± 0.001″. Our specialized shear cutting machines produce square cut edges with no material loss between cuts. In addition, most bending, end forming, and machining can be accomplished during the tube cut-off process, with the effect of further reducing our customers' handling and tooling costs.

Small Tube Cutting & Bending

Our unique shear cutting machines are able to cut, bend, and end-form most small tubular parts in one fabrication process. Cutting options include Supported Shear Cutting, Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM), Electro-Chemical Grinding (ECG), and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). We can also produce single radius bends as tight as three times the OD center line radius during the fabrication process with zero kinks and no wrinkling.

Custom Micro Tubes

In addition to sourcing all standard tube sizes and hypodermic tube gauges from 3 to 25, we also custom design small tubular parts to your exact specifications. We work 304- and 316-grade stainless steel, brass, copper, exotics metals, and all workable alloys. Tubes as small as 0.015″ to 0.625″ can be cut into lengths ranging from 0.010″ to 18″ with tolerances to ± 0.001″.

Engineering Support

Not sure exactly what you need? Our engineering support team is available to help you with alloy selection, tube sizing, bending method, and secondary operations. From the initial design to the final finishing, we offer comprehensive assistance with all your small tube fabrication needs, whether you choose to have Four Slide Products source the material for you or supply your own.

Micro Tubular Parts

Our micro tube fabrication process is suitable for the precise needs of fiber optics, medical hypodermic tubing, and countless other applications. Whether you need 3 GA or 25 GA stainless steel tubes, we'll cut, bend, end form, and finish them to your exact specifications, from hundreds to billions of parts per run.

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